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The Ins and Outs of Toronto Deck Permit Requirement

Are you considering adding a deck to your Toronto home? Before creating your dream outdoor space, it's crucial to know the Toronto Deck Permit rules. Getting permits is important for deck safety, code compliance, and following regulations in any construction project.

In this blog post, we will discuss the requirements for getting a permit for a deck in Toronto. This includes the documents and drawings needed for the permit application.

The Ins and Outs of Toronto Deck Permit Requirement
The Ins and Outs of Toronto Deck Permit Requirement

Understanding the Importance of a Deck Permit in Toronto

Obtaining a deck permit is of utmost importance when building a deck in Toronto. The law requires it and ensures that your deck is safe, meets regulations, and follows the rules set by Toronto.

Additionally, the deck permit process involves submitting a building permit application to the Toronto Building Department. This app makes sure your deck plans follow building rules, like weight limit and structural strength.

Getting a deck permit keeps your deck safe and protects you from legal and financial problems. Building without a permit can result in fines and even require you to remove the deck entirely.

Toronto Deck zoning requirements that you should pay attention to for the rear yard deck.

Setback Requirements - distance from your proposed deck to the property lines.

Rear Yard Permitted Encroachment - there is a permitted encroachment requirement depending on your deck height, distance to the side property line, and your required rear yard setback.

Soft Landscape Requirements - Depending on your property frontage width, the City of Toronto has different soft landscape requirements. For example, if your property frontage is less than 6m then your required soft landscape is 75%.

Lot Coverage Requirement - If your deck has a roof, you must include it in the total coverage requirement for your property. This is applicable only if there is a coverage requirement.

Usually, if you build your 1-story deck 2.5m depth from the rear main wall and 0.3m away from the side property line, your deck should comply with the zoning requirement. However, the information above is only for your reference only, please check with the building department for further inquiry.

You can read the requirements here.

Common Deck Building Code Requirements to lookout for Homeowners

If you decide to design your own then you can use the information below for reference. If a professional designs your deck, our requirements can be different. For example, the beam cantilever varies in length and engineers design it for specific situations and calculations, not just 2 feet.

Wood Type - If you are using wood to build your deck it needs to be pressure-treated

Concrete Pier - It should be a minimum of 4'-0" below grade and reach the frost line. If the concrete pier is close to the house foundation, then the pier depth should reach the underside of the house foundation footing.

Post, Beam, and Joist sizing - The structural component sizing depends on how you design the deck. For reference, you can read this chart for your reference.

Composite Decking - Yes you can use composite decking that compliance with the Ontario Building Code Requirement

Maximum Beam Cantilever - 1 to 6 ratio and a maximum of 2'-0".

Minimum Railing Height - For decks under 1800mm, the railing must be 900mm high. For decks over 1800mm, the railing must be 1070mm high.

Deck Attached to House - The deck cannot be attached to brick veneer.

Applying for Building Permit required Documents.

  1. Deck Permit Drawings including, site plan, deck plan, deck foundation plan, deck elevation, and details.

  2. Required Forms please see below. Application to Construct or Demolish Form Schedule 1: Designer Information Form

  3. Send all the documents and drawings to

  4. After 5 to 10 business days the city will ask for a permit fee of approximately $200

How long does it take for the City of Toronto to approve your permit?

From the day they accept your application and receive the building permit fee. Review and approval will take 10 business days if there are no comments from the city.

After I got my approval what should I do?

Start building your deck and ensure your deck builder schedules inspections for each construction stage, including foundation and framing. After everything is completed be sure your deck permit is closed by the inspector.


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The content provided above is intended solely for informational and reference purposes. It is crucial to consult your local municipality's building permit department for accurate and specific information pertaining to your circumstances.

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