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Bring Your Vision to Life with Our Home Addition Design Service.

Our Home Addition Design service offers a comprehensive solution from design to building permit approval. We provide modern, transitional, traditional, and contemporary home addition designs, tailored to meet the client's construction budget and preferences. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of designers ensures that your project is designed to meet all building codes and regulations.

Home Addition Concept
Home Addition Concept

Planning & Feasibility Study

At Permit Works, we specialize in providing comprehensive planning and feasibility studies for your building project. Our team will conduct a detailed review of your zoning bylaw and site requirements, such as TRCA, Urban Forestry, and lot grading, to ensure that your project meets all applicable regulations. We provide a customized approach to your project and will work with you to incorporate your wish list into our preliminary design. However, we cannot guarantee zoning compliance.

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Architectural Design

Our Home Addition Design service is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We provide design services that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals will coordinate with other consultants such as HVAC, Structural, and Lot Grading Engineers to ensure that the design meets the exact specifications of our clients. We also offer unlimited design revisions during the design phase to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results.

Home Addition Concept
Architectural Drawing

Home Addition Design & Building Permit Drawings & Application Service

Our Home Addition Design & Building Permit Service offers comprehensive building permit drawings and application services. We will create drawings that comply to the Ontario Building Code requirements and consolidate all consultants' works into a building permit submission package. We offer complimentary building permit services for all our projects and help clients follow up with the city during the application process to ensure approval.

Permit Works Home Addition Design & Permit Benefits

Why hire us for your project?

Fast Building Permit Drawings & Service

At our building permit service, we understand how important it is to get your home renovation project off the ground quickly. That's why we offer fast building permit drawing and service to ensure that your project is approved as soon as possible. 

Unlimited Design Revision

Permit Works is the perfect partner to help you get your home renovation project off the ground. We offer unlimited design revisions during the home renovation design phase, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. 

Complementary Submission Service

At our Home Addition Building Permit Service, we take the hassle out of obtaining necessary building permits. Our professional team provides a complementary application service to all clients who use our services, so you can focus on completing your project. 

Home Addition Permit Approval

We don’t just leave you when the application is submitted - we stay with you until the city approves your home addition project. If the city requires any changes or modifications, we will respond promptly with no additional charge. 

Our Pricing

Good Design & Service Cost Money

Under 150 SQ.FT

$ 9,500


Depends on Existing House Size

Home Addition Design (150 SQ.FT)

Structural Design Included

HVAC Design Included

Complementary Permit Submission Service

Any Other Consultants Not Included

Under 800 SQ.FT

$ 12,500


Depends on Existing House Size

Home Addition Design (800 SQ.FT)

Structural Design Included

HVAC Design Included

Complementary Permit Submission Service

Any Other Consultants Not Included

Above 800 SQ.FT

$ 13,500


Depends on Existing House Size

Home Addition Design (800 SQ.FT)

Structural Design Included

HVAC Design Included

Complementary Permit Submission Service

Any Other Consultants Not Included

Home Addition Design & Permit Approval Process

Let us deal with the city and here is our plan

Step: 1

Get A Quote

Call Us

416 989 8900

Email Us (Preferred)

Review & Sign

Fee & Service Agreement

Book A Site Visit

Step: 2


Site Measurement & Documentation

Preliminary Design & Client Review

Design Revision (Unlimited)

Complete Building Permit Drawings

Step: 3

Permit Submission

Complete Application Form

Submit Permit Application on Your Behalf

Response & Clarify City Comments 

Revise Drawings As Required

Step: 4

Permit Approval

Post Approval Support

Clarify Any Contractor Question

Clarify any questions from city inspector

Revise Drawings If required

Our 21 Points Building Permit Service Advantage

How are we different from our competitor

Our Design & Building Permit Service

City Building Permit Approval

100% Client Satisfaction

We made Building Permit Approval Easy

Experienced and Professional Design Team

Flexible Services for Your Project

Precision with 3D House Scanning

Licensed and Insured Professional Drawings

Swift and Affordable Services

Unlimited Design Revisions

Building Code-Compliant Designs

Specialized in Permit Drawings and Approval

Complementary Submissions Permit Service

No Additional Fees for City Revisions

Dedicated City Permit Follow-Up

Excellent Approval Success Rate

Expedited Permit Approval Process

Hassle-Free Permit Approval

Client Project & Permit Updates

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Post-Approval Support

Excellent Reviews on Homestars and Google

Responsive Client Communication

Homestar Award-Winning Company

Best of Award Winner Homestars 2022
Best of Award Winner Homestars 2023

Permit Works is a HomeStar award-winning company

We are proud to have been recognized with the Best Of HomeStars Award for Customer Satisfaction and Best Design in 2022 and 2023. HomeStar is home to 25 million monthly users, and is the top-rated site for the home building, remodeling and design professionals in Canada and around the world. We look forward to helping you with all your permit needs.

Homestar Rating

Our Homestars Review




Jennifer in Toronto

Markham, ON

Joined 2023/10/20

Basement Renovation Review In Markham

Basement Apartment Permit

Permit Works team helped us obtain permit approval for our basement apartment. They process is very smooth from site measuring, drawings and permit application. The city have a few items that need clarification and they revision the drawings with no additional fee as advertised. Thank you very much Permit Works team, definitely will recommand to my friends.


Karina O

Toronto, ON
Joined 2023/09/19

Interior Renovation For Second Unit

General Contractors review in Toronto



Permit Works exceeded our expectations. Every person we talked to, the architect Kelvin, the accountant Salik, the designer Eliza, the engineer, the whole team, was knowledgeable, patient, polite and friendly. They helped us understand the process, answered all of our many questions, accommodated our ideas and submitted detailed drawings and a highly professional building permit request to the City. We were so happy when the Permit to Construct was issued within 2-3 days. So many thanks for all of your help and outstanding work!


Private User

Vaughan, ON
Joined 2023/07/20

Permit Of Deck Build

Decks review in Vaughan



This was my very first permit-required project and couldn't have done with Permit Works! From the site visit, design to permit application, these guys were professional, thorough, and friendly answering all my questions promptly. Will definitely reach out to them on my next project.



Rockwood, ON
Joined 2023/05/19

Great Service

Moving & Storage review in Rockwood



Have used Permit Works on multiple projects now and they are friendly, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. And they have very reasonable prices. Highly recommend!




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