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We provide design and building permit services for new window/ door opening projects. We made the new window/ door opening building permit approval easy for you. We will help you to follow up with the city examiner and make sure the project is on the right track during the city review process. Our service does not stop at building permit approval, we provide post permit approval support as well. If you have any questions regarding our drawings during construction, we will be happy to clarify them for you.

We offer a FREE complimentary building permit application service if you hired us for the project. All drawings & designs by Permit Works are done up to Ontario Building Code requirements and stamped by a licensed Architect or Engineer.

Our Process

  1. Complete our Get A Quote inquiry form and we will provide you a FREE feasibility Study of your property & a Free estimate.
  2. If you wish to speak with us give us a call at 416 989 8900 or email us at

Preparation Include:

  1. Site Visit & Documentation
  2. Preliminary Design Review
  3. Building Permit Drawings
  4. We Offer Unlimited Design Revision

City Application Include:

  1. Prepare Application Form
  2. Apply Application on Your Behalf
  3. Response to City Comments & Revise Drawings with NO Additional Charge
  4. Obtain Building Permit Approval

Post Permit Approval Support:

  1. Clarify Contractor Questions
  2. Permit resubmission due to design change

Get your new window/ door opening permit drawings done right!

Did you know unclear new window/ door opening permit drawings can cost you hundreds of thousands or even more? Getting drawing done right not only save time and also money during construction. A lot of time, client misunderstood the importance of drawings and many think the permit drawings is only a document to get you a building permit. This kind of thinking is absolutely wrong, a set of good drawings not only can provide cost-saving that meet your budget and also able to convey the correct idea or intention to your contractor. Good drawings also help collaborate with all consultants to ensure your permit and construction process goes as smoothly as possible. If the construction is delay due to drawing not being done properly or inaccurately, the loss is far more than our fee.

Our Pricing

What Do We Cost

Are you getting overwhelmed with the King City building permit requirement and application process?

Don't worry we are here to help you to get your permit approve.

Deck and Sliding Door Plans Permit Works proved to be excellent to work with. Communication was always clear, and they were diligent and timely when changes to the plans needed to be made based on feedback from the city. I would highly recommend their services, and I would definitely work with them again.


Homeowner in Toronto

I needed a permit for a deck that was going to be at a height and potentially too close to a back fence. Considering how fast I got the permit from the city I can say The permit works guys quality and knowledge of what was needed made it go smooth. I appreciated too that they were very responsive and thorough plus flexible service.


Homeowner in Toronto

They took the design I came up with and completed the permit application for the city on my behalf. Overall very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.. willing to answer all the first-timer questions I had. Thanks to all who helped me on this from Permit Works! I'm very satisfied thanks to all who helped with my project.


Homeowner in Toronto

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