Do I need a permit for my deck?

The short answer is, if your deck is not more than 60 cm (24 inches) above ground and complies with the zoning by-law then a permit is not required. You will require to obtain a permit when your deck is more than 60 cm (24 inches) above ground, attached to the house, more than 100 sq.ft, changing existing deck footprint or adding a covered roof above the deck.

Why is it important to obtain a permit?

Building a deck without a valid building permit can get you into serious trouble and putting your investment at risk. Many homeowner find out the hard way when the bylaw officer visits their property and received an order to comply with the city. You will need to pay a hefty fine, risk tearing down, or remodified your brand new deck due to noncompliance to your zoning bylaw. In many cases, homeowners cannot sell their houses due to their deck is built without a permit.

Who is responsible for getting a building permit? The homeowner or the Contractor

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have a valid building permit for any construction work done within their property. While the contractors might get fine or penalties for constructing unpermitted work, but ultimately legally and financially responsible for any infractions.

What will happen if I build my deck without a permit?
A built deck without a valid permit can incur a fine that often costs more than the permit fee itself. It can also lead to partially or fully undoing work or changing the work that is done.

If you don’t get a permit, there are four common ways you may run into trouble:

  1. A neighbor complaint
  2. Home inspection upon sale
  3. Insurance Claim
  4. future renovations or repairs

In the most city, risks of not obtaining a valid permit for your deck project include:

  1. A hefty fine often double your permit fee
  2. Delay of the construction work while permit application is in process
  3. A potential to remove constructed work prior to obtaining permit approval
  4. An unexpected increase in the scope of work and budget to meet the requirements
  5. Potential future legal issues when selling your house or filing an insurance claim

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