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We specialized in creating high-quality real estate floor plans for residential and commercial.

We work with homeowners, realtors, developers, and interior designers to bring accurate floor plans for your real estate needs in Greater Toronto Area. Our team will take on-site accurate measurements of the property and create the floor plan you needs

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Homeowner in Toronto

Deck and Sliding Door Plans Permit Works proved to be excellent to work with. Communication was always clear, and they were diligent and timely when changes to the plans needed to be made based on feedback from the city. I would highly recommend their services, and I would definitely work with them again.


Homeowner in Toronto

I needed a permit for a deck that was going to be at a height and potentially too close to a back fence. Considering how fast I got the permit from the city I can say The permit works guys quality and knowledge of what was needed made it go smooth. I appreciated too that they were very responsive and thorough plus flexible service.


Homeowner in Toronto

They took the design I came up with and completed the permit application for the city on my behalf. Overall very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.. willing to answer all the first-timer questions I had. Thanks to all who helped me on this from Permit Works! I'm very satisfied thanks to all who helped with my project.

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1. All fees must be clear prior drawing to be release
2. Drawings are for marketing and client use only 
3. Area calculation based on all interior space square footage (Gross Floor Area) / unfinished space is excluded

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Fast Turnaround | Reliable Service | High Quality Drawings